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McCabe says his Russia probe work sparked smear campaign before firing

The former FBI deputy director also calls his ordeal ‘personally devastating.’

Tarkanian will drop Heller primary challenge at Trump’s urging

The perennial candidate says the White House reached out to him earlier this week and asked him to run again for the House instead.

Invariant signs five

Avenue signs Tymoshenko — Pfizer hires Roberts aide

Thorn Run snags two from Van Scoyoc

Brooks will step down as AEI president — More omnibus lobbying

Playbook: Trump gives it to Democrats on a silver platter: the chaos elections

The Democrats have plenty of fodder to run as a check on chaos in the midterms.

Blame game

Do you think President Obama and his policies are to blame for the loss Democrats faced on Nov. 4?

Yes : 8427
No : 5794
Not sure : 303
Total Votes: 14524

Working relationship

Do you think Washington works better when one party controls Congress while the other controls the White House?

Yes : 6377
No : 10534
Not sure : 1575
Total Votes: 18486

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