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Kavanaugh accuser agrees to testify before Senate panel

Christine Blasey Ford will appear Thursday, her lawyers said, but some details are unresolved, including who will question her.

Daly adds former House Financial Services Committee counsel

Former deputy secretary joins Softbank — Coalition pushing for conservation fund reauthorization

McKinsey hires Bracewell on bankruptcy issues

Republicans on K Street Rally to Kavanaugh's defense — NCTA hires Butterfield aide

Blame game

Do you think President Obama and his policies are to blame for the loss Democrats faced on Nov. 4?

Yes : 8427
No : 5794
Not sure : 303
Total Votes: 14524

Working relationship

Do you think Washington works better when one party controls Congress while the other controls the White House?

Yes : 6377
No : 10534
Not sure : 1575
Total Votes: 18486

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